Invest in Memories That will Last Forever

With City Scour, both you and your family can have fun exploring a new city. Learn about the city you're in and its history, all while answering fun challenges.

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Invest in Memories That will Last Forever

About City Scour

City Scour leads you and your family on memorable experiences throughout cities. Participate in scavenger hunts with your family to learn and see the city around you! 🏙

Why City Scour?

City Scour teaches you about the city you are in using fun challenges. You are able to build connections with families and friends by creating memories that will last forever.

Looking To Scour?

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San Diego
San Diego
2 Scours

Learn about the history of San Diego that shaped one of the most popular cities in America!

Surround yourself in a botanical paradise
See the "Most haunted house in America"
See the largest outdoor organ in the world
2 Scours

Explore some of Chicago's most popular locations while also stopping at some of it's hidden gems.

Locate some of Chicago's most famous landmarks
Learn about the building with six foot thick walls
Become knowledgeable about one of America's largest cities
2 Scours

Known for it's scenic river walk, and beautiful lake shore access, Milwaukee is a Wisconsin favorite!

Walk on Milwaukee's scenic river walk
Explore the buildings on the 3rd largest lake in the USA
Learn about the history of the "Bridge War"
Walk inside the moving art museum
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Checkout Other People that Loved City Scour


54 Years Old
My teenage boys and I had a great time walking around the Square on a sunny day learning things about the history and architecture of the area. The boys were enthusiastic about answering the challenges (and whenever teenage boys are enthusiastic about ANYTHING, you know it’s good!), and we all appreciated seeing our city through a different lens.


8 Years Old
It was fun and taught me things I didn’t know about Madison.


18 Years Old
A whole new travel experience! It was fun and overall a great game! Will definitely be using City Scour again!


17 Years Old
City Scour was one of the most fun games I've ever played! It provides a comprehensive experience throughout beautiful cities.