Use the video and explanation below to learn more about how City Scour works to guide you on fascinating and fun scavenger hunts.

Explore with Scavenger Hunts

City Scour guides you on “scours”, or scavenger hunts, which visit around ten different historical, interesting, or otherwise relevant stops, all within walking distance from each other. Take your time: scours usually take about an hour, but you can pause or stop at any time you choose.

Answer Fun Challenges

At each stop, test your scavenger hunt skills by looking for answers for a handful of fun challenges. Challenges require you to explore your immediate surroundings and will teach you more interesting facts. Take your time, City Scour is untimed, but the number of points you earn will be determined by how correctly you answer, so try your best!

Learn history
and more

Learn the history, fascinating facts, and more at each stop on the scour. Click through interesting photos, or read a full article about each stop to learn more. Best of all, City Scour content is created with the help of local experts, meaning you will learn facts and explore places even the natives don’t know about.

Earn pins
and level up

As you play, collect points, level up, and earn achievements to commemorate your accomplishments and compete with others. Best of all, for completing a scour, you will earn a complimentary pin to remember that scour, shipped directly to your doorstep.

Download the City Scour App

Ready to try City Scour and explore cities while learning fascinating facts and history, and having fun? We can’t wait for you to join the scour community!